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UNC Releases 2012-13 Basketball Roster

For some reason we all find this fascinating, mainly the weights and numbers.

The four freshmen weigh in and have picked what number they will wear.

F Joes James: 6-11, 260 lbs wearing #0

PG Marcus Paige: 6-0.5, 157 lbs wearing #5

F .P. Tokoto: 6-5, 185 lbs wearing #25

F Brice Johnson: 6-9, 187 lbs wearing #11

The one that sticks out is Johnson who is a very thin 187 lbs. Even John Henson and Desmond Hubert were over 190 coming to Chapel Hill. Paige will become the latest in a string of UNC PGs to wear #5 joining Jeff McInnis, Ty Lawson and Kendall Marshall in that club. Now let's see if he can play like them. Johnson will wear #11 which hopefully had an exorcism performed on it.[Correction:I blanked out and forgot Stilman White wore #11 last season. His performance in the regionals should have sufficiently cleansed the number.]

There are no number changes for the retunees. James Michael McAdoo is up to 230 from 220 last season. Leslie McDonald is up to 215 from 210. Reggie Bullock(205), P.J. Hairston(220), Dexter Strickland(180) and Desmond Hubert(205) are all listed at the same weight as last season. Hubert did say earlier in the summer he was 220 but UNC is still listing him at 205. It is interesting to note Hairston weighs more than both Johnson and Hubert despite being a wing player. Hopefully that is all muscle.