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Matt Doherty Might Have Too Much Time on His Hands

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Especially since he spend the better part of Tuesday morning flaming NC State fans on Twitter. Of course that's no exactly a bad thing right?

Ah Twitter. That crazy little social media outlet which tears down the walls between a former UNC basketball coach/player and rival fans. In this case, you have Matt Doherty who tweeted this.

Needless to say this caught the attention of pretty much everyone following Doherty and why not? Peppers has been put through the media ringer now for over a week characterized as too stupid to be in college. Doherty disputes that and the result is plenty of raised eyebrows. Of course Twitter being Twitter meant NCSU fans in particular were not going to pass on the chance to rip Doherty for what some might call an empty defense. Doherty, as it turns out, doesn't mind mixing it up.

If you read the replies and retweets for some of these you see Doherty does a fair job at riling up the masses. I don't know if Doherty is trying to get back in the good graces of UNC fans or he simply was bored and decided to poke the bear. Not that I have any problem with Doherty flaming NCSU fans, because he does correctly note they are "easy" when it comes to getting them to respond to most basic ribbing.

Whatever the case, Doherty is clearly enjoying life despite his coaching career coming to a grinding halt. While that sucks to some extent the fact he's still getting paid and has time to mess around with rival fans on Twitter isn't a bad way to live.