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Obligatory Latest on the Academic Scandal Post

I am going to be very forthright with you here. I have reached a point where I am just plain sick and tired of talking about this. Mainly because I've had enough of covering off the field issues which we did for two years during the NCAA investigation. That fire seemingly died down to smoldering ashes and there was great hope we could move on. Now the AFAM scandal has popped up which has now produced a constant local and national media furor which rivals what we went through in July-August, 2010. Thus the fatigue on my part. It feels like I've already seen this movie and I have little desire watch it again. Or maybe I am just pissed because I didn't sign up to blog about improper benefits and academic scandals.

I started this blog to talk about the games UNC plays or debate the minutia of college football and basketball. Posts addressing Roy Williams' end of game strategies or whether a player is underrated/overrated, etc, etc, etc. makes for generally fun blogging because in a way it is ultimately trivial in the grand scheme of life. Media probes into a academic scandal that is now threatening to be a multi-decade affair with people calling for banners to come down and causes you chief rivals to engage in a level of jackassery so obnoxious logging off Twitter is starting to look like a good idea? Yeah I can do without that and I can do without a scandal that UNC doesn't appear to have a grasp on or has any end in sight.

Yes, this might come off as whining a bit on my part and for that I do apologize. I just want it over with and I have little doubt that desire is going to go largely unfulfilled into the foreseeable future.

At any rate, here is the latest floating around out there.

-More Dan Kane. The word "may" is used. Because its Dan Kane and nothing is substantive.

-Carl Carey, who was Julius Peppers' academic adviser at UNC speaks to Andrew Carter. After that Carey registers a domain and posts something incredibly stupid.

-If you are interested in some hyperbolic outrage find your way over the CBS Sports for Gregg Doyel's foray into seeking affirmation from NC State and Kentucky fans or The Sporting News for Matt Hayes(no direct links given for obvious reasons.)

Dan Kane has being doing some radio today and apparently UNC professor Jay Smith is due to appear on 99.9 The Fan later this afternoon to tell us why athletics must be wiped off UNC's campus forever. If either come up with anything remotely interesting I'll let you know.