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Of Academic Scandals and Overrated Coaches

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I've been extremely busy the past couple of days dealing with birthdays and broken tibia bones. Speaking to the latter, the little guy is doing fine. He asked for a "Carolina blue" cast and was adamant it not be "Duke blue" as he called it.

Anyway, two big pieces related to UNC basketball dropped yesterday while I was occupied with family affairs. It just so happens, T.H. at Carolina March did an outstanding job addressing both of them.

Based on a poll of college coaches by CBS Sports, Roy Williams' peers think he is overrated. Yes, really. If that is the case I suppose we can assume Roy "lucked" his way into two national titles or had such overwhelming talent is compensated for his own in-game idiocy or something. While I know Roy gets bagged for his game coaching, I happen to think that area is a little better than most people think or that all the talent UNC generally has means people regard the coaching aspect less. Whatever the case, T.H. offers this response.

And frankly? Good. I want opposing coaches as dumb as possible. I want them thinking the Heels are all talent and no polish, that they don't improve an iota in Chapel Hill. Never mind that "can only recruit" Williams won his first national championship with someone else's players, or that Kansas was in shambles and on probation when he arrived. I'd rather he be underestimated, and I think Williams feels the same way. Notice his aw shucks reaction in the original article to rather silly question "Why do you recruit so hard?" He downplays his skills and acts like it's a desperate need. I doubt that's what he tells high school students in their living rooms, and I'm certain that's not what he yells at practice. And it works. It annoys the media, and sometimes even the fans, but it works.

So let the haters hate; I'll take any advantage the Heels can get. After all, the same charges were levied at Dean Smith for decades, and now he's a legend, and a reason diminish Roy Williams' accomplishments. I'll take the wins over the professional esteem any day of the week,


On the academic scandal, ESPN UNC blogger Robbi Pickeral jumps into the fray with a largely retelling of what we already know. Again, I point you to Carolina March's take on this piece for some excellent analysis

As for Pickeral's article, there are some new quotes here and there including some fleshing out of why the NCAA is probably not going to get involved in this business. There are also more quotes from UNC history professor Jay Smith who hints, darkly, at this scandal stretching back even farther on the timeline. My question for Smith is why isn't he making more noise about one of his colleagues screwing the system but I guess professors, like the Minbari, do not kill one another.  Once again, the evidence calling for NCAA involvement is super thin although I don't doubt that could change. The Big Lead was teasing of more next week on UNC's academic troubles which may be something or yet another case of regurgitation coupled with the inability to connect the correct dots.