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Roy Gives His Opinion About the Academic Scandal Plus a Jim Martin Sighting

Roy Williams appeared on WFNZ's The Drive on Wednesday afternoon. Obviously he was asked about the AFAM scandal which has taken new life where the basketball program is concerned since two sport star Julius Peppers' transcript was inexplicably posted online. You find audio of the interview here and Andrew Carter of the N&O put together a nice transcript here.

In addition to the radio interview, Roy Williams answered questions for WRAL at the Wyndham Golf Championship Pro-Am in Greensboro where he was(naturally) playing golf.

Note that Roy is careful to address only the nine years he has been at UNC which would exclude the period of time Peppers played basketball for the Tar Heels. That is also important because, as it stands right now, actual hard evidence of wrongdoing under Roy Williams is virtually non-existent. There were a few basketball players in some of the suspect classes and with Roy's first few teams there were more AFAM majors. As we noted here, it is clear UNC basketball players began to move away from AFAM as a major as Roy's tenure progressed to the point Mike Copeland, who graduated in 2009, was the last such major on UNC's basketball roster. Obviously additional digging, especially into 2004-2006 could produce more questions about the basketball team's involvement but at present there is nothing substantive just smoke.

As for additional digging and what not, it appears UNC is heading in the direction of an independent investigation. Dan Kane is reporting former NC Governor Jim Martin has been asked to join a panel to probe UNC's academic troubles. Martin indicated to Kane that an announcement would be forthcoming.