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Team USA Basketball Exacts Revenge on Nigeria For All Those Spam Emails

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While everyone expects Team USA to roll pretty much anyone they play in men's basketball save one or two opponents I am not sure anyone expected this.

Team USA scored 49 points in the first ten minutes quarter on the way to a beating of epic proportions against Nigeria to the tune of 156-73. The 156 points was a record for points scored in an Olympic game. Here are some of the other statistical marvels from this game.

-78 points in the first half was also an Olympic record which Team USA matched in the second half.

-Team USA was 29-46 from three point range or 63%. Two pointers were even better with the United States missing only seven shots or 30-37.

-The United States reached the 100 point mark midway through the third quarter. Translating that to UNC terms means there would be biscuits by the first TV timeout of the second half.

-Carmelo Anthony had 37 points on 10 three pointers in just 14 minutes.

-While the stats are not available, talking with Chris on Twitter, Team USA had an offensive efficiency estimated at around 180 and Carmelo Anthony's OE would have been in the 500 range.

-If you need something to complain about Team USA was only 9-14 from the free throw line or 64%. This clearly is an area of weakness that needs to be address. /sarcasm

Heading into this contest, there was discussion about Team USA getting off to slow starts. The first half versus Tunisia on Tuesday looked a little like UNC playing a low major school where the Heels screw around and give up 9-13 from three in the first half. Clearly Team USA players heard the talk and wanted to put to rest any notion they are not capable of destroying a team at will. Also bear in mind, Nigeria was not wholly without decent players. There were a few members of the Nigerian national team with NBA experience. This game was an example of what happens when a group this talented starts clicking all at the same time.