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Injury Report: Wake Forest

Yeah, the injury report looks exactly like you thought it would considering Larry Fedora's stated intention to not discuss injury details.


Connor Gonet, FB
T.J. Leifheit, OL
Darius Lipford, LB
Miller Snyder, PK
T.J. Thorpe, WR

And that's it. No listing of Gio Bernard as probable and what not. Not that a more detailed report tells you much but Fedora clearly feels there is an edge to be had in keeping injury information quiet heading into a game.

One question is whether or not the ACC will have an issue with so little detail in the report. According to IC's Greg Barnes, the ACC has issued guidelines on the format of injury reports but not rules to be enforced.

The ACC adopted its standard guideline for reporting injuries prior to the '08 season. That guideline called for teams to issue reports twice a week -- season-ending injuries and pending surgeries on Monday and a full report on Thursday with categories such as "Out, Probable, Doubtful, Questionable."

The ACC has classified the report as a guideline, not a policy. The intent is to create a minimum standard for sharing injury information, but teams cannot be fined for not adhering to the guideline. The category distinctions are also loose guidelines.

"There are suggested categories, but the school is free to designate their injuries at their discretion," associate commissioner Mike Finn told IC on Thursday evening.

In other words, considering Larry Fedora's stance on disclosing injury information, I wouldn't expect much information to be gleaned from UNC's injury reports this season.

At least that will be the case until the media files a lawsuit to force UNC to release the information.