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Site News: THB is Moving to SB Nation

Roughly six and a half years ago I started this blog as my own personal outlet to discuss UNC basketball and football. Over that time this blog has grown, thanks in great part to the readers and in small part to members of the media and fellow bloggers who have chosen time and time again to highlight our work here. In 2010 Doc and Chris joined the blog as contributors strengthening our content with solid statistical analysis and tremendous insights into issues on and off the field. After six and half years, 2.5 millions hit and close to 5 million page views, I am pleased to announce an exciting next step for this blog.

We are moving to SB Nation.

If you are not familiar with SB Nation it is a blogging network which includes some of the best new media talent out there. Blogs like Every Day Should be Saturday call SB Nation home as well as team bloggers on both the college and professional sports level.

In addition to the move, we are also welcoming into the fold Carolina March blogger "T.H." T.H. is a UNC alum and very talented writer whose perspective and opinions will only serve to boost the overall quality of our content as well as give this blog an additional voice. As a part of the move our blog content will be merged with his and the name subsequently changed to Tar Heel Blog from Carolina March.

While the blog will have a new home plus a new look and feel, I am confident that we will continue to produce quality analysis of everything from the games to the various other issues surrounding UNC athletics. It is my sincere hope that you, the readers, will follow us to our new home and continue to augment the content we produce with your opinions and insights.

Thank you again for your readership. See you over at SB Nation.