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The One Where This Blog Gets Quoted in the N&O

Mama will be so proud.

Another Dan Kane piece which is 80% recycled material, 5% opinion, 10% new stuff and 5% quoting this blog. If you want you can read the article here. Otherwise, just read this part.

Brian Barbour, a blogger on Tar Heel Blog, writes that, according to NCAA rules and available information, no action against UNC is appropriate. He criticizes those in the media for failing to write a piece the ties the rules to the details of this case.

"Show me a well thought out piece with actual rules cited and real information from the NCAA or former NCAA staff members then I will be glad to listen," he writes. "Otherwise I can do without the faux rage, excessive whining and incessant insinuations that prove nothing."

The question is, having quoted our challenge for someone to substantially prove there are rules violations, will anyone(such as Kane) actually try to do it? If they do, isn't it a little sad it took a part time blogger calling the media out to actually make it happen?