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Roy Williams Discusses His Health on the THSN

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Via's Robbi Pickeral.

Roy Williams stopped by the Tar Heel Sports Network booth at halftime of UNC's dismantling of Idaho on Saturday to talk about his recent surgery to have a tumor removed.

"You hear all these stories where people say it just hits you between the eyes, and I've always heard that,'' Williams said Saturday during halftime of the Tar Heels' football game. "But there's no way to prepare for it, there's no way to say, 'Well, things are going to be all right,' because then your mind just starts racing, and you have so many thoughts going through your mind, (like) 'What am I going to do today, tomorrow? When am I going to do this?'

"It's pretty emotional at times, but I got such great care at the hospital, and the outpouring from the North Carolina people, and the other people in the coaching profession, my friends, my foxhole buddies, have just been off the charts."

The tumor removed from Williams right kidney ended up being benign. However, another tumor was found on Williams' left kidney which will require a biopsy this week to determine the next course of action. If it is benign, then a second surgery to remove it will not be needed.

As it stands right now, Williams says he might miss some practice but will be ready for the season opener in November.