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The Obligatory Butch Davis Interview Post

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

Former UNC head coach Butch Davis did an extensive interview with WRAL sports anchor Jeff Gravley in what was billed as "nothing off limits." You can watch the full interview here. If you'd rather not watch it, this article sums up the key points.

More or less, it was exactly what you would expect from a Butch Davis interview, especially one geared almost entirely towards rehabilitating Davis' image so he can land another head coaching job. Here are the highlights.

  • Davis is adamant he had nothing to do with the AFAM academic scandal since that was all handled by academic support and tutors. He says coaches had little influence in that area which is probably true, but he wants to be sure we all know, he had nothing to do with that.
  • The hiring of Jennifer Wiley as his son, Drew Davis' tutor, was done by his wife.
  • Davis says they were always acting "immediately" to deal with issues and points out that Greg Little, Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn were "terminated and dismissed" from the team. That is not entirely true. Okay, that is not even close to being true. Little and Quinn were declared permanently ineligible. Austin was the only one actually dismissed.
  • Davis still clings to the "there were no red flags for John Blake" defense then flatly lies that Blake was terminated "immediately" when in actuality it was known a full month before Blake was connected to Gary Wichard. Only after the LSU game did Blake resign(not terminated) and was given a fat parting gift for his troubles.
  • A salient point is made by Davis that it should not surprise anyone African-American football players might take courses in the African-American studies department. Davis then touts he is part Native American and would have taken Native American studies courses had they been offered. Yes, he really said that.
  • Davis believes he will coach again(presumably on the college level) but I guess that greatly depends on how his efforts to ease the minds of potential employers by doing interviews with local media in his lawyer's office.
  • Concerning anything and everything to do with all of the crap that is happening or has happened at UNC since 2010, Butch Davis swears he had nothing to do with it.

In short, nothing Davis was said was new. Everything Davis said was completely self-serving.