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ACC Suspends Shakeel Rashad and the Officials Who Didn't Penalize Him


I had the same opinion of the collision between Shakeel Rashad and Conner Vernon that both Brian and Larry Fedora did; that it was unintentional contact born of Rashad's tunnel vision in trying to get on the field before the snap count and Vernon's ill-timed step back to set for the play. The front office of the ACC, however, disagrees. Rashad has been suspended for the N.C. State game as a result. Interestingly, his punishment is shared by head linesman Tyrone Davis and side judge Angie Bartis, both who will also not be working next weekend. The ACC release docks the pair "for failure to adhere to correct mechanics of the game and rules related to player safety."

UPDATE: UNC has now also released a statement. In it, Rashad apologizes, while Larry Fedora basically says the same thing he did in his press conference today that he has spoken to Rashad and it was unintentional. Bubba Cunningham also appears in the statement, questioning why the ACC did not interview Rashad about the incident before their ruling.

The conference has also suspended the entire crew of the Florida State game against Miami, for a disasterous call at the end of the first half. The refs failed to to properly administer the 10-second runoff rule at the end of the first half, allowing FSU to kick a field goal when most f Miami's FG defense had already gone into the locker room. The 10-second runoff rule following an offensive penalty, of course, was instituted after UNC won the Music City Bowl over Tennessee in a chaotic final drive. Note that there was no mention of holding in the release, which will serve to only infuriate FSU fans further.

Also, not mentioned was the cut block Duke center Brian Moore committed against Tim Jackson last Saturday night. Jackson will be out two to three weeks because of it, and as a completely partisan news source, we reproduce it here to raise your blood pressure.