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N.C. State Trumpet Section Comes to Chapel Hill, Annoys Many

The UNC-N.C. State rivalry has been a subject of some consternation amongst the sportswriters on Twitter this week. They're complaining that it hasn't been very rivalrous — both in the sense that the Wolfpack have won the last five, and that there hasn't been any drama this week. Unlike last year, the coaches aren't trading barbs, and UNC fans aren't about to be chippy in light of recent events. So everyone keeps their heads down, and squawkers from the sidelines complain that there not being sufficiently entertained.

Which is why it came as a bit of a surprise when my Twitter feed was suddenly filled with UNC students, all complaining about the N.C. State fight song being played outside of their dorms. It turns out the Wolfpack trumpet section took it upon themselves to put some heat back into the week by driving over to Chapel Hill and playing the two songs they know, loudly and repeatedly. You know, the Cassion one and the other one. (I, unfortunately, only know the UNC-created lyrics for the pair, so to me it's the one about plowing fields and sheep, and the other one about having one's papers sent back from Carolina.) Picture, well, something like the photo above,but with the schools reversed and it being dark.

Most of the Twitter responses were on the order of "not our rival" and aspersions cast at the academic quality of the school in Raleigh, if you're interested. And the UNC band was specifically asked not to retaliate. I presume the Daily Tar Heel will have a story in this in the morning, in which case I'll update here with a link. And if not, I'll teach everybody the words to those fight songs in the comments.

(A hat tip to Akula Wolf at Backing the Pack, whose retweets of a many, many UNC students were how I learned of this.)