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Four Walks-ons Added to Basketball Roster

As was the case with past Tar Heel teams, four walk-on basketball players have been added to the roster. Here is this year's version of Real Blue Steel.

#3 Moody Wade, Junior, Mt. Airy, NC
#22 Frank Tanner, Senior, Charlotte, NC
#30 James Manor, Junior, Carrboro, NC
#34 Denzel Robinson, Junior, Chapel Hill, NC

Sophomore Jackson Simmons, who came to UNC as a preferred walk-on will likely round out the unit even though he is a scholarship player.

Why are these guys important? Biscuits, pure and simple. When UNC is in the final minutes of some 94-68 game these players will be tasked with the responsibility of getting the final six points needed to provide discounted Bojangles biscuits to the masses. For nearly broke college students, cheap biscuits are like gold.

Adding these players to the roster is also what makes UNC special. There are four players who wouldn't otherwise sniff a spot on a Division I roster yet they get the opportunity to experience something incredible. These four will show up and put in the time and effort just like everyone else, ride the bench and get a few moments of glory when the game is decidedly out of hand.

And it will be the best time of their life.