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ACC Announces Scheduling Format Changes

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The ACC has announced the scheduling format in football and basketball games to reflect the addition of Notre Dame to the conference. The ACC will keep football on an eight game schedule after considering a nine game slate earlier this year. In basketball, the 18-game schedule will continue once Notre Dame officially joins the ACC however the plan to go from two primary partners to one will be scrapped. Previously, the ACC decided to move to one primary partner which means UNC and NC State would no longer be required to play twice a season as they have done since the beginning of time(or there about.) With the re-introduction of two primary partners, the UNC-NCSU rivalry will continue to be a twice a season affair.

Here is the full explanation of how the basketball scheduling will work.

The ACC will continue to play an 18-game conference schedule with the addition of Notre Dame. The scheduling model will be based on a two-partner format.

Each year, teams will play every league opponent at least once with the two partners playing home and away annually. In addition to the four annual games against partners, the remaining 14 conference games will feature home and away games with two rotating opponents and five home-only games and five road-only games.

The two-primary-partner format preserves competitive balance and builds upon traditional rivalries while providing the opportunity to create new ones.

Boston College - Notre Dame and Syracuse

Clemson - Florida State and Georgia Tech

Duke - North Carolina and Wake Forest

Florida State - Clemson and Miami

Georgia Tech - Clemson and Notre Dame

Maryland - Pitt and Virginia

Miami - Florida State and Virginia Tech

North Carolina - Duke and NC State

NC State - North Carolina and Wake Forest

Notre Dame - Boston College and Georgia Tech

Pitt - Maryland and Syracuse

Syracuse - Boston College and Pitt

Virginia - Maryland and Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech - Miami and Virginia

Wake Forest - Duke and NC State

The ACC Tournament will now include three games on Wednesday, four games on Thursday and Friday then the usual semifinals and finals on Saturday and Sunday.

Also of note, the ACC Baseball Tournament will now include ten games, an increase from eight.