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It Was a Good Weekend

Just because the Tar Heels had a bye week doesn't mean we didn't totally enjoy the weekend.

Grant Halverson

-First of all, the UNC women's field hockey team won the ACC championship with a 4-2 win over Maryland. It was the Heels' second straight ACC championship win and the 18th title in school history. With the win, UNC receives the automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament with the bracket for that set to be announced on Tuesday. At 20-1 overall and ranked #1 in the country, you have to think the Tar Heels have a good shot at winning the national title.

-Back on October 27th, Gio Bernard returned a punt for a touchdown to end five years of futility against NC State. If you watch the replay in slow motion you can actually pinpoint the exact moment Bernard rips the still beating heart from the Wolfpack and crushes it. How do we know this? Because the NC State team that lost to 33-6 to Virginia(2-6 prior to this game) was dead on arrival. The loss resulted in a new round of restlessness in the Wolfpack fan base and the calls for Tom O'Brien to be fired grow a little stronger. In fact, O'Brien is one FG kick bouncing off a goal post away from facing some serious heat but as it stands right now, 7-5 and a bowl is still doable. Debbie Yow wouldn't fire a guy who goes 8-5 after another bowl win would she? Only if James Franklin is willing to come to Raleigh.

-Duke was on the business end of what Clemson did to UNC a year ago. The Tigers rolled into Wallace Wade and returned the Blue Devils to reality with a 56-20 drubbing. If you are keeping score at home Duke has been outpaced 104-27 since scoring the winning touchdown on UNC in the final seconds three weeks ago. So, while Duke still has the Victory Bell and the Scoreboard Card and could possibly back into the ACC title game, it was nice to see any illusion(or delusion) in Durham pierced in such impressive fashion.