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Odds and Ends: Last Minute Shopping Edition

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Grant Halverson

It's the time of year for Christmas trees, shopping and not much in the way of news. Here are a few items for your perusal.

  • In the continuing tradition of former Roy Williams' players and/or coaches getting a game against the Tar Heels, the Greensboro News and Record is reporting that a home-and-home series with UNC Greensboro(my alma mater) starting next season. UNCG is coached by former Tar Heel Wes Miller who has another ex-Heel on his staff in Jackie Manuel. UNCG would visit UNC next season with a return date the following year at the Greenbsoro Coliseum which is where the Spartans play their home games.
  • If you caught any of the Monday Night Football game last night between New York and Tennessee, you may have noticed some familiar faces chasing the respective quarterbacks for each team. Former Tar Heels Zach Brown(playing for the Titans) and Quniton Coples(playing for the Jets) combined for three sacks. Brown had two sacks to go with three tackles for a loss and seven tackles total. Coples had a sack, one TFL and three tackles total.
  • Larry Drew or as we affectionately call him here at THB, Some Other Kid, is the continued subject of media pieces. Usually in these various features he drops a little more about his time at UNC. The LA Times has one such article today during which Drew says, "I never really wanted to go there" and "never really liked it." Okay, Larry. Winning a NCAA title sounds like a horrible time.

    Ben Howland also said it was his fault since he pushed Drew to commit too soon and drove him away or something. At this point I think everyone has taken responsibility for Drew's issues at UNC except Drew. Adam Lucas said it best when he tweeted. "I never wanted to go to NIT either, Larry, but it happened."
  • Roy Williams had his weekly radio show last night. Check out the quotes here. He said he is thinking about staying at UNC 6-10 years longer. The message boards saw this and some folks said they hoped it was six or sooner. Apparently some folks among our fan base think trading Roy Williams for Brad Stevens would be a fine idea. Yes, really.