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Ranking the Food Sponsored Bowl Games

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Since UNC is not playing in a bowl game, I have to admit there just isn't much to talk about in between watching the basketball team figure out what the heck they are doing. So as I flipped on ESPN to check out the Little Ceaser's Pizza Bowl it got me to thinking. What if we ranked the bowl games according to the quality of food being offered by the sponsor.

#8. Beef O'Brady's Bowl

I have actually never eaten at a Beef O'Brady's so I have no idea if the food is any good. In fact my entire basis for ranking this bowl at the bottom of these rankings is the fact there is not of these establishments in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro or Charlotte. There is one in Fayetteville and unless someone is paying me I am not going to Fayetteville(no offense intended to my readers from Cumberland County)

#7. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

I almost put the potato 8th but then it dawned on me there is great versatility to that starchy vegetable. You have mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, french fries, hash browns, potato chips and various forms of baked potato. The big detraction to the potato is if often needs help from some sort of condiment to really be good. Not many people are eating mashed potatoes plain or downing fries without some ketchup being involved.

#6 Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl

The upside to Little Caesar's? It is cheap pizza. For $5.00 you can get a large pizza. The downside? You get what you pay for. The pizza is not bad but not great which is why it costs $5.00. The Crazy Bread is still pretty good but usually if you have other options like Papa John's, Dominos or even Pizza Hut, you are making that call before you go to Little Caesar's.

#5. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

It is hard to say no to a good tortilla chip. Tostitos makes a solid chip without which that queso or salsa would be completely worthless. That makes chips a little like the potato in that they cannot exist as a standalone food particularly well. However, tortilla chips are a staple of any gathering where football is being watch. Heck, tortilla chips show up at almost any social gathering because grabbing a bag of them with a jar of salsa might be the easiest move out there if you need to bring something in a pinch.

#4. Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

2 1/2 words: Mac-n-Cheese. Yeah, Kraft makes a lot of different foods but the mac-n-cheese is the food you can never go wrong with. That is why every sit-down restaurant in the country serves on the kid's menu or so it seems.

#3. Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Another eating establishment I have not had the opportunity to visit but that is not really a deterrent. For one, the commercials are actually somewhat humorous. Secondly, we are talking about wings. I can't imagine it is too difficult to screw wings up. I mean they are wings so ultimately it is all about the dipping sauces which most places have little control over.

#2. Chick-fil-A Bowl

In my humble opinion, the best fast food restaurant out there. The service is always good and so is the food. The only negative is the assumption there should be a pickle on every chicken sandwich. The pickle doesn't bother me but for some people this is a major issue. And it's not enough to simply take the pickle off. According to my wife, who disdains the pickle, the juice left behind still ruins the sandwich. There are also the milkshakes which is one of the more underrated aspects of Chick-fil-A. The key? CFA actually uses ice cream, topping and some sort of creamer then blends it. No machine produced shakes and no one else is putting a whip cream and cherry on top.

#1. Outback Bowl

Of the options on the list, Outback is the best which is probably not saying much. Regardless the Bloomin' Onion and Aussie Cheese Fries are solid as appetizers. There is a nice selection of meals including good burgers and steaks. Outback can be a tad overpriced given the food is not all that different from establishments of similar fare but for our purposes here it is the cream of the crop.

Now, who's hungry?