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Tennessee offers Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy

CBS Sports Bruce Feldman is reporting via Twitter that Tennessee has offered it's head coaching job to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy.

Since Mike Gundy appears to have an offer in hand that sets up three potential scenarios as it pertains to Larry Fedora.

Scenario #1: Gundy turns down the job and Louisville's Charlie Strong takes it. At this stage I am not sure how likely this is since Strong was reported to be the leader until late last night when there was increasing chatter that he could end up staying in Louisville.

Scenario #2: Gundy turns down the job. Strong is no longer a candidate which would likely mean an offer to Fedora assuming he didn't frighten Volunteer AD Dave Hart too much.

Scenario #3: Gundy takes the job and creates a vacancy at Oklahoma State. That is probably a more enticing job than Tennessee since Fedora was the offensive coordinator there under Gundy for three years. It would be very easy for Fedora to take over a program already running his system with the proper personnel and recruiting template in place.

Of course there is a fourth scenario which has UT hiring someone else not mentioned above the same way Arkansas hired Bret Bielema out the blue. Of the three aforementioned possibilities, the third is the most concerning since Oklahoma State would be a nice fit for Fedora given he spent three years there as an assistant coach.

As always, stay tuned.