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Why I Really Don't Care About National Signing Day

I don't know when National Signing Day became a thing, exactly. I would have had no reason to pay attention to it before joining SB Nation, so I don't know if it was a big thing in the SEC before 2007, or if it's just exploded since then. Either way, by now it's pretty ridiculous. Webcams filming fax machines, all for the benefit of some middle-aged football fans. My Twitter feed was packed with so many details about high school students I was worried the FBI might confiscate my phone.

The ne thing Signing Day always bring to mind is my first true experience with it. On February 7th, 2007, I completely unaware it even was Signing Day, got this e-mail from Peter Bean, founder of Burnt Orange Nation, which I print in its entirety:

subject: Signing day

Nice little class Butch has coming in. Landing Marvin Austin, too? Wow.



And yeah, it was. And now we're waiting to see exactly what NCAA punishment Austin and a rash of other players, tutors, and one very corrupt assistant coach brought upon the university. Signing Day never had much appeal to me before, but it definitely has none now.

Anyway, the second guy from the left in the above picture is a member of Larry Fedora's 23-man inaugural class. Inside Carolina and a host of other sites can tell you all about them. It includes two quarterbacks, one of whom comes from my old alma mater, for which I feel the need to apologize to him for. The class is ranked 42nd, which means absolutely nothing, but appears to be higher than N.C. State's ranking if you have someone you'd like to harass about it. Feel free to discuss anyone who caught your eye in the comments; otherwise, it's back to basketball for the time being.