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Union Olimpija Wins Slovenian Cup, Deon Thompson Named MVP

Thompson, in days that did not require quite so much Google Translate.
Thompson, in days that did not require quite so much Google Translate.

In random alumni news, former UNC center Deon Thompson led his Slovenian team, Union Olimpija, to the 2012 Slovenian Cup. Thompson had a double-double in the semifinals of the eight-team tournament, and 11 points and 9 rebounds in the finals; the performance earned him the MVP of the tournament, and presumably a seat in parliament. More importantly, it gives the hilarity of typical player quotes translated from English to Slovenian and then mechanically back to English:

"The tournament was, of course, come in order to win the Cup and this we succeeded. Chose the last quarter, when sales by two technical faults missed four free throws. This trophy means a lot, mainly because the team went through a difficult the period. guys that we stayed at the club, we continue toiling away on training and it is nice that we were rewarded with this trophy."

"The climate is definitely better than before. On some things we can not influence, and thus they do not worry. We must continue to strive to training and competition. Name me the MVP does not mean much, to be honest. In particular, congratulations go team, who have trusted me, and giving the ball to me."

Facts that may make that coherent: In the finals, Union Olimpija committed technical fouls on consecutive plays, only to have their opponents on BC Krka miss four straight free throws. Also, earlier this year in Euroleague play, Union Olimpija struggled, going 1-9.

Danny Green played with Union Olimpija last year before signing with the San Antonio Spurs, and had Ben Hansbrough not left BC Krka for personal reasons last month, Thompson would have gotten to face off against his former teammate's brother. Anyway, congratulations to Deon.