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Tickets Still Available for Tournament Games in Greensboro

Note: The following post was sponsored by TiqIQ. I promise every other post will stop being sponsored soon enough.

At least on the secondary market, that is. Despite both UNC and Duke playing in Greensboro this weekend, TiqIQ, working in conjunction with PrimeSport, who the NCAA first partnered with last year to bring the business of ticket reselling into a bit more respectability, keep sending me e-mails saying seats are available at prices that don't make me nauseous. I caught the 2nd round game in Greensboro in 2009 – got my tickets on my own, though – and it was a blast, especially when UNC and Duke fans suddenly switched allegiances to Texas and LSU, respectively, for the other games. I'll warn you though, traffic was a beast and they wouldn't let me bring my digital SLR into the arena. Anyway the details:

After finishing the season with a 29-5 record, the North Carolina Tar Heels earned a #1 seed in this year’s NCAA tournament. The Tar Heels will kick of their run at a National title with a matchup against the 16th seed Vermont at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC. With a win, a 3rd round matchup between winner of #8 Creighton/#9 Alabama awaiting them.For deals on Lower Level Tickets, check out inventory from Primesport, the NCAA’s Tournament’s official ticket exchange.

If you're looking for something less expensive, there are still plenty of listings under $100 for session 1 and 3, most of which are in the upper levels. See sessions 1 & 3, here, courtesy of TiqIQ:

Session 1: Avg $92/Get-in $35 -
Session 3: Avg $141/Get-in $86 -