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Which Celebrities Support UNC This Year?

One of my favorite pre-tournament rituals in recent years has been to see who everyone on CBS's random list of famousish people picked to win the national championship. Celebrities! They're just like you and me, unless they pick Duke in which case they're evil and should be shunned. Previous Tar Heel supporters include Alyson Hannigan, Emily Proctor, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, and the President of the United States. And I think we can all agree, together they'd make an awesome sitcom.

Anyway, the President has signed back on this season, but most of CBS's folks have chosen front-runner Kentucky. Two exceptions: Shannon Share and Aisha Tyler (the voice of Lana on Archer). A whole bunch of other people put the Tar Heels in the championship game, about five have them using to Kansas, and one lunatic of a golf analysts has Carolina falling to Alabama. I would totally stop watching CBS's golf coverage for that, but the only time I ever have it on is if I'm testing the quality of my HD feed.

N.C. State is a surprisingly common Sweet Sixteen pick, by the way. In addition to alumnus Bill Cowher picking them that far, so did Phil Simms (browbeaten by Cowher, probably), a soap star, a golf analyst, and the President of the United States. And let's not even talk about Charlie Rose, who sends the Wolfpack to the Sweet Sixteen and UNC to the finals... where they lose to Duke. And we're supposed to trust you to deliver us the news? Not likely. You can join Oprah's friend and guy on that sitcom I don't watch on the list of people who are dead to me.