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Programming Will Resume Shortly

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One of the first things I did was institute the "tired signal." When a player was tired, I told him he could pull himself from the game. All he had to do was hold up a clenched fist. The trade-off was that he could put himself back in when he was ready.


The "tired signal" was not meant to be used away from basketball. When I walked toward the University Methodist Church for Donnie Moe's wedding, Donnie saw me through the window as he waited for the service to begin. He stepped out the side door and gave me the "tired signal." He wanted out of the game!

(From Dean Smith's A Coach's Life)

Posting has been a little light lately, as wedding planning has taken over the vast majority of my time. I exchanged rings with Mrs. Carolina March (she'll probably keep her maiden name) on Saturday; I didn't flash the tired signal once. But now, of course, comes the honeymoon. This bog is going completely dark for the next two weeks, unless earth-shattering happens. So take a step back from conference garment-rendering and have a beverage of your choice; that's what I'll be doing.