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What Kind of May Has It Been

Well, I'm back.

And as far as I can tell, I picked a good time to step away. UNC took an early exit from the College World Series, losing a home regional for the first time since 1983 after the closer with UNC's single-season save record had a horrible weekend. The ACC had their worst NCAA lacrosse showing in quite sometime, with the Tar Heels exiting in the first round. The NBA playoffs are still going on, and are just now winding down to few enough games remaining that I may pay attention. And as far as I can tell, FSU fans now want their team to secede from the conference, the university, and their athletic director in that order. Yawn.

I meanwhile, can add Paris to the list of places I have randomly run into people in UNC gear — the old, white hat, two-bar, block UNC style from the late '80s, no less — and have returned with a desire to stretch my writing a bit. There are big, glacially slow changes in store for this blog, and in the meantime I really want to get away from the silly season stuff and poke around the other corners of UNC athletics for a bit.

So of course, the first thing that spurred me to write upon my return was an ESPN column about the state of basketball coaching. I'll get to that later today. But since I've lost everyone's attention with my two week jaunt, let me put the question to the masses: What would you like to read more about? The big sports? The Olympic sports? The old days? The future days? Would you like this thing turned over to kitten gifs? What do you want to see?