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Five Things Larry Fedora Said at ACC Media Day That Worry Me

North Carolina Tar Heels football head coach Larry Fedora talks to reporters during the ACC media day at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro NC.
North Carolina Tar Heels football head coach Larry Fedora talks to reporters during the ACC media day at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro NC.

So there's another ACC Media Day(s) in the books. The preseason poll has UNC third in the Coastal Division, behind the Techs Virginia and Georgia, while Giovani Bernard and Bryn Renner both got one vote apiece for ACC Player of the Year. The vote for Bernard came form the Inside Carolina beat writer, so don't get too excited.

Also, Larry Fedora talked to a very excited media. It's quickly become apparent that he gives good quote, and will be a journalist's favorite as long as he continues to do so. I, on the other hand, amp a natural pessimist, so I give you five things he said that will keep me up at night:

"There's not enough depth in our program right now where I feel comfortable... Building depth is the key to success." That's a big problem. Many Carolina seasons of late have been derailed by a few key injuries, especially on the offensive line. Some of this may be bravado, demonstrating that the new coach has high standards and demands many wins, but it may just be that the program is in greater disarray than we were led to believe. I don't particularly want to spend the season walking on a metaphorical tightrope on every play. The only position Fedora does think there's depth is at tight end. This also leads us to the second thing...

Todd Harrelson is no longer with the team. Harrelson was expected to start at wide receiver. He'd already been suspended once for academic reasons under Everett Withers, and the same thing has done him in here as well. Oh, and he's an AFAM major.

There's no decision of yet on who will call plays between Vic Koenning and Dan Disch. Remember, Fedora basically has two defensive coordinators at the moment. I'm not clear on their roles; apparently, neither is he. It should all be cleared up by the end of camp, however.

He hasn't seen a second of game film. All player evaluations are based on 15 days of spring practice and 28 in the fall. Ironically, he also said his biggest fear "is that we might not have someone in the right place or take advantage of somebody’s skills because we don’t know about them." There's a quick way to minimize that risk, you know. And finally...

Anything and everything about Red Bull. Does Roy Williams' fidelity to Coca-Cola annoy you? Then ths is going to drive you nuts. It's not so much that he drinks something that, let's face it, is pretty vile, but that the media is obsessed with the damn Red Bull. Expect to hear about it in every profile, every time he loses his temper, and probably every Thursday. Gah.

Now don't get me wrong. There was a lot to like about the interviews today. You can catch most of it iffy you're willing to wade through the Red Bull ledes. Bryn Renner apparently had the play book on his iPad before even meeting his new coach, and everyone and their mother is excited about Eric Ebron. (Remember, TE is the stacked position in Chapel Hill.) So don't take this as a call to panic, or even a discouraging word. Perhaps I'm just jet lagged, but have a free evening, and I'm going to choose to spend it worrying in the corner.