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UNC Releases Depth Chart for Elon Game

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Giovani Bernard could be doing this as a punt returner as well as a tailback this season.
Giovani Bernard could be doing this as a punt returner as well as a tailback this season.

UNC released the depth chart for week one today. There aren't very many surprises here — redshirt freshman Sam Smiley will get the start at free safety, and Romar Morris may have eked out the second-string tailback position over A.J. Blue, although that's still up in the air. Somewhat troubling is the fact that Giovani Bernard will most likely share punt return duties with track team member Roy Smith, increasing the chances that Bernard could get injured.

More worrisome is the fact that the person calling the defensive plays isn't being made public. If you recall, Carolina has both a defensive coordinator, Dan Disch, and an associate head coach for defense, Vic Koenning. You'd expect one of the two to be in the booth, calling the shots. In fact, both men will be on the sidelines, with linebackers coach David Duggan watching from above. As to who will be ultimately calling the plays, well, see for yourself:

"Listen, I will tell you this for this situation - we have a plan," Fedora said. "It's already established how we're going to do that defensively. It's not something that I want to tell everybody how we're doing it. I would prefer that our opponents have to try to figure out how we're doing what we're doing over there for a variety of reasons.

"I can tell you that all four guys on the defense have as much input to what's being done as I do, so they're all doing it. Now, how it's being spit out and how it's being transferred to the players is a whole ‘nother deal and I would rather not divulge exactly how we're doing that."

Keep in mind that Fedora's previous policy was that basically the defensive coaching staff would work it out themselves. This latest statement doesn't particularly fill me with optimism, but we'll see how it goes. Both Koenning and Disch have expressed a distaste for coaching from the booth, so on that note they'll be pleased. As to how the defense will perform under this coaching arrangement, well, I hope for the best.