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We're Here!

It looks like the move is complete. Save for some lingering domain name issues, everything appears to be in order.

First of all let me say we are excited to join T.H. and the SB Nation community.

By way of introductions for those who don't know, my name is Brian Barbour. I have been running Tar Heel Blog for six and a half years now covering UNC basketball, football and baseball. In 2010, there were two additional writers added to the blog.

Doc is a UNC graduate and former college coach. Besides assisting with regular coverage, Doc has a football postgame feature called, "The Good, Bad and Ugly Report" which is published the day after any football game.

Chris Strohsahl is our resident stats guru with his focus primarily on basketball. Chris's postgame feature "Beyond the Box" is a must read following any UNC basketball game since it offers some in-depth statistical.

Over the past six plus years I have enjoyed watching Tar Heel Blog grow. This move to SB Nation and being able to combine our efforts with a talented writer like T.H. has us all excited about what the future holds.

Many thanks to everyone who has offered such a warm welcome.

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