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The Gio Bernard Update

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

Fact: This update and one dollar will get you a lottery ticket.

First up let's see what Larry Fedora had to say about Gio Bernard at his weekly press conference(via Inside Carolina.)

Did Gio Bernard suffer a setback this week?
"Not that I know of."

Is it just a continuing thing where he does not feel right?
"Right. Yes."

Are you realistically hopeful that changes at some point?
"I’m always hopeful. Always hopeful… I don’t know if I’m ever realistic. I think it could be anytime."

I would tell you to read between the lines but you cannot even do that. You have better chances of getting UNC to release some FERPA protected document than squeezing any useful injury information out of Fedora. Then again, at least he is not painting this roses and rainbows picture of Bernard's health as he did last week. This time Fedora is opting for short, slightly ambiguous answers that signals to the assembled media that they should really stop asking.

So to sum what Fedora said, Bernard's knee is fine but he doesn't yet feel comfortable. However that could change "anytime." which means he could play this week versus East Carolina or he might not. For the record, it only took Fedora two weeks to give an answer about Bernard's health that is firm enough to deflect further inquiry but vague enough that no one feels like they are being lied to.

Oh, and forget asking Bernard himself about the injury. According to the Harold Gutmann at the Durham-Herald Sun, the sophomore running back will not speak with reporters until he plays again.