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The Coming of SB Nation United

You know how it goes. You move into a new house and work yourself nearly to death getting all the crap you own into place. Then once everything is setup you decide to paint the rooms which requires rearranging everything again. That is a little bit about what is going to happen here as the entire SB Nation network is getting a makeover.

The name for this new initiative is SB Nation United since there will be a uniform look and feel across all blogs on the network. That is where this new logo which will soon grace our blog comes into play.


In addition to the new logo, the current design of the blog will be completely changed. One of those changes will be the introduction of a "front page." This will be the first thing you see when the blog comes up and it will highlight the major stories we are covering. Here are a few examples.




In SB Nation United the blog will load faster with a page design that has less clutter and more flexibility to better present the content. The new site design will be optimized to run on any platform from desktop computer to tablet device. All of the same elements that have been here will remain such as FanShots, FanPosts and Game Threads.

Obviously for those of us as THB this change is the second major transition we've undergone this month having moved to SB Nation just two weeks ago. Now our new SB Nation Overlords(who I welcome) are now going renovate the house. These are exciting times to say the least so hang in there as we undergo one more change and as always your readership is appreciated.