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Presenting the New Carolina March


Depending on how many SB Nation blogs you follow, you're probably getting slammed with this type of news this morning, but I would be remiss if I didn't join in. The blog network is about to undergo a dramatic upgrade to the platform; this isn't a mere redesign by an entire overhaul to the way we look at sports blogging. All of this will be revealed over the coming months, but we can start with the new logo, above.

I've seen what's coming down the pike, and it's an incredible visual design, more thematically tying ll the blogs together. But the writing is still going to be the same individualistic style you come here to read and/or mock.

Oh, one other thing. That's not exactly what the logo is going to look like.

What's going to change? That's a subject for another post, coming this weekend. Smart people who poke around the internet long enough may be able to suss it out; feel free to bug me in the comments or on Twitter if you do. I never was much good for managing suspense.