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Behind the Scenes for UNC-FSU


These videos are always interesting to watch because they show some of the locker room interaction. It's also nice to see the team celebrating a big win after the Miami loss when the team was said to have been utterly devastated.

A couple of additional notes from Saturday's game.

Jordan Rogers of and dissects some of UNC's offensive sets from Saturday pointing out there were indeed some adjustments made. It appears Roy Williams changed some of the spacing and positioning in the half-court to get Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairston more open looks and driving lanes. For all the grief Williams gets for the team not executing, here is a case were changes were made in response to FSU's defensive style.

Speaking of Hairston, the Greensboro sophomore had an impressive day with both his offense and his leadership. If you watched the game, there is a moment right after the buzzer sounds where Hairston can be seen talking to his teammates saying, "That's one. That's one." This can be taken two ways. The first is that is "one" win of hopefully many more to come in a season resurrected. The second is that's "just one" meaning it is nice to celebrate but there is still work to do. Hairston play and his no-fear attitude have been huge boosts in UNC's two most recent wins. He is stepping into the leadership role where you could argue there was a vacuum of sorts, Reggie Bullock's efforts not withstanding. It was also clear that, despite his defensive deficiencies(which are totally correctable), UNC needs Hairston on the court with Bullock as much as possible.