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Former UNC Tutor Indicted For Role in Football Scandal

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you were hoping that the football scandal was done and we would never speak of it again, I have some very disappointing news for you.

It. Just. Won't. Die.

Former UNC tutor and principal actor in the NCAA scandal, Jennifer Wiley Thompson, has been indicted in Orange County for violating the North Carolina Uniform Athlete Agents Act. According to WRAL she is expected to make her first court appearance today. DTH sports editor Brooke Pryor has the details on the recently unsealed indictment.

In case you were wondering what the ever elusive Ms.Thompson looks like, WTVD has posted the mug shot here. She appears to be quite chipper about the whole thing it would seem.

At this point, the question remains of who else will be indicted? The WTVD report from earlier in the week said five persons had been but the indictments were, at that time, sealed. Taking a quick glance at Doc's detailing of who is in the final NCAA report, it could be any of these people or perhaps someone not known to the NCAA.

As for what this means for UNC going forward, probably not much, especially if all they are indicting for is covering a plane ticket at the behest of an agent. The NCAA report had Thompson on the hook for far more than that but none of that was apparently tied to an agent as this instance was. Barring her disclosing previous unknown information that would widen the scope of what UNC has already been penalized for, I doubt Thompson or any of the other indictments will change the equation.

There are rumors of indictments for the AFAM academic scandal which is most certainly a different can of worms. Since the NCAA has chosen to not delve into that particular scandal, they conceivably could if more damning information comes to light. Even that seems unlikely at this stage.

Note: It appears Jennifer Wiley is married now. Her last name has been changed in the article to reflect that.