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Jack Tabb Suspended for First Half of Miami Game


TE/LB Jack Tabb will be unavailable for the first half of North Carolina's October 17th game against Miami while he serves a suspension for fighting as mandated by NCAA rules. Tabb was ejected near the end of the Virginia Tech game after he threw a punch at a Hokie player during a confrontation on a Tar Heel kickoff return. The game was Tabb's first back since serving a two game suspension for a violation of team rules.

NCAA football rule 9.5.1.b says(emphasis mine):

b.During the half-time intermission, squad members in uniform or coaches shall not participate in a fight.

During the second half, players shall not participate in a fight.

PENALTY—15 yards. For dead-ball fouls, 15 yards from the succeeding spot. Automatic first down for Team B fouls if not in conflict with other rules. Disqualification for the remainder of the game and the first half of the next game [S7, S27 or S38, and S47]. For fighting in the last game of a season, those with remaining eligibility shall serve suspensions during the first game of the next season for which they are eligible

Am I the only one who thinks suspending players for half of a game is not only asinine but comical? As far as penalties go it has no teeth. In fact, based on the way the rule is written, had Tabb thrown the punch in the first half we wouldn't miss any time versus Miami. The NCAA really should amend the rule book to state the minimal suspension for anything is one game and dispense with this ridiculous notion of putting a player in the corner for half of a game. In case you are wondering, should Tabb choose to throw another punch he would be done for the season.

Since Tabb won't be playing in the first half versus Miami, we can only hope he does what this Tar Heel fan on Twitter suggests.