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Second Person Charged in Agent Investigation

Rob Carr

A second indictment has been unsealed stemming from the investigation into agents activity during the UNC football scandal.


Georgia-based sports agent Terry Watson faces 14 felony counts in all related to the football scandal at the University of North Carolina. Thirteen of the charges are for athlete-agent inducement related to gifts provided to former UNC football players Marvin Austin, Robert Quinn and Greg Little. He also faces one felony count of obstruction of justice.

Watson is expected to make his first appearance in court  at 2 p.m. Wednesday.

As previously reported, Greg Little got $20,000 from Watson and an ESPN article from March showed Marvin Austin also received payments from the agent. The most recent indictment includes Robert Quinn as a recipient of money.

In Little's case, the payments apparently started in May, 2010 and did not stop until five months later.

That means Little was receiving over $2000 while the NCAA investigation was going on. The NCAA first showed up in Chapel Hill in late June with the news breaking in mid-July. Despite the scrutiny UNC and Little himself was under, he continued to take payments from Watson. The payments stopped just before Little was shown the door by the NCAA.

It is also worth noting that neither the NCAA nor UNC ever discovered Watson was doing this. No one matching Watson's description or these kinds of dollar amounts are mentioned in the NCAA's final report.  Only theNorth Carolina  Secretary of State's office(with subpoena power and search warrants) was able to dredge this business up. Just another example of how a player will take money if he wants to and the school or NCAA can do very little to stop it. Especially when said player is willing to lie over and over while being investigated himself.

Since the new information involves players already punished, this has no bearing on UNC which is in the middle of a three year probation period which includes scholarship reductions.