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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Holy Cross

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a look at how North Carolina stacks up statistically against Holy Cross.

North Carolina Holy Cross
Conference ACC Patriot
Record 1-0 1-1
KenPom Rank 9th 211th
Points per game 84.0 97.0
Points per possession 1.17 1.13
Offensive Efficiency(Rank) 113.6(10th) 103.7(139th)
Defensive Efficiency(Rank) 93.1(17th) 106.9(302nd)
Tempo(Rank) 70.5(48th) 68.9(119th)
Offensive eFG% 64.5% 50.8%
Defensive eFG% 43.6% 54.0%
Field Goal % 60.0% 41.7%
3P FG% 38.5% 43.2%
Offensive Reb Rate 38.5% 31.6%
Defensive Reb Rate 83.8% 64.8%
TO Rate 25.0% 15.4%
FT Rate 36.4% 59.2%

It should be noted that these are small sample sizes. In fact UNC's stats are as small as you can get because it only involves one game. Holy Cross has played twice going 1-1 with a win over Sacred Heart in double overtime.

Looking at the available data(limited as it may be) Holy Cross struggles a bit on the defensive end, is fairly average on offense but is hitting 43.2% from three. Most of that came in the win over Sacred Heart when guard Cullen Hamilton went 7-11 from three after going 0-5 in the season opener versus Harvard. The Crusaders also sport a 15.4% TO rate with only 26 turnovers through two games, one of them a double overtime affair.

Obviously UNC's enjoys a statistical advantage here but the Tar Heels' first game produced some nice numbers. Chances are UNC won't play as well as it did in the first half against Oakland but not as bad as the second half either.