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Roy Williams, Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson Postgame Audio

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Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Williams Audio(4:52)

Opening Remarks

"A little different game that you probably expected since they won 122-118 and we like a really fast pace also. Neither team could make a shot in the first half....Fortunately for us we were a little more patient in the second half, got a little bit better shots and made shots. I thought Marcus[Paige] was really good. I thought J.P.[Tokoto] was good in the second half. He was 0-6 in the first half, in the second half he was 2-2 and five assists. I think the guys who really gave us a lift were Luke [Davis], Desmond [Hubert] defensively, Brice [Johnson] coming off the bench. I think those guys really gave us something."

On Marcus Paige's performance

"I thought he was really good except for I can't believe he was academic All-ACC after that dumb pass in front of their bench as he's falling out of bounds and he throws it to their guy for a layup. But I didn't have to say a word, he was sitting on the floor wondering 'what in the world did I do that for?' But he was a big time player for us tonight, he really was. He's out best shooter and the guys need to work harder to help him get open. But he made some big plays for us."

On the second half run

"I think it was a steal - I don't think it was a missed shot - I think it was a steal that Marcus [Paige] got and went down and laid it up, and then we did get a stop and Kennedy gets an offensive rebound. We didn't have many(rebounds)....we weren't getting off the box out. We didn't have many second chance points, so that was a big play for us....But I think it was just being more patient on the offensive end and getting a little better movement."

Brice Johnson Audio(6:39)

Marcus Paige Audio(8:37)