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Game Thread: UNC-Belmont

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Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

#12 North Carolina vs Belmont, 4:00 PM, ESPNU

As noted in the preview, Belmont is an experienced team and a program with some recent success in getting to the NCAA Tournament. They likely will not be intimidated by playing in the Dean Dome. It also stands to reason the Bruins will have a much better idea of what they want to do on offense that UNC has had so far.

Just an idea of how "weird" UNC's offense is right now. The starting wing forward, J.P. Tokto leads the team in assists and steals. The starting point guard last season, Marcus Paige is at the wing guard slot and filling the scorer's role. The starting point guard and center have not been productive and James Michael McAdoo was good in the first game and not so much in the second. It's a work in progress and could very well be into the foreseeable future.

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