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Relive All of UNC's 80 Points vs Old Dominion

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Via the highlights from the record shattering 80-20 win over Old Dominion which includes all 11 touchdowns and Thomas Moore's third quarter field goal. That kick was UNC's only non-touchdown points of the day and actually the result of the replay booth confirming that Mark McNeil was out of bounds on his touchdown reception when it looked as though he was in. Instead the Heels "settled" for three points and a 66-20 lead.

As UNC rolled past the 60 and 70 point barriers there was some grumbling on Twitter that the Tar Heels had strayed into the always nebulous "classless" zone. Never mind UNC scored all its points in the first three quarters and after the Moore field goal, the Tar Heels stopped passing the ball save one attempt from backup QB Kanler Coker in the fourth quarter. In fact T.J. Logan's ridiculous 63-yard touchdown run that put the Heels over the 70-point barrier had more to do with Old Dominion being unable to tackle anyone than UNC's looking to run the score up. One could argue that putting Ryan Switzer out there to return punts with a 73-20 lead knowing he might pop off yet another touchdown run wasn't the best look. However that was about trying to extend his streak of games with a punt return for a touchdown to three. Given how rare that sort of feat is and the fact Old Dominion kept pooch punting all day just to avoid Switzer, I really don't have any qualms about the decision.

In the shortened fourth quarter UNC made a concerted effort to stop scoring which meant putting a quarterback in the game who is known more for his videos than anything he's done on the football field. UNC ran six straight dive plays to freshman running back Charles Brunson who still ran for 52 yards and put the Tar Heels inside the ODU five. UNC then took a delay of game to back up five yards just to make sure they didn't accidentally score again followed by a straight run on third down and a knee on fourth down to give the Monarchs the ball back. At some point the other team has a responsibility to actually tackle opposing players and when that doesn't happen on basic running plays or punt returns 80 points is what you get.