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Former UNC Player Will Graves Cited for Possession UPDATE: Statement from Graves Added

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UPDATE: Via UNC, Will Graves has released a statement in which he apologizes for his actions.

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Coach Williams, his family, and the University of North Carolina as well as my own family and friends for the negative attention I have brought upon them. I can blame only myself for my own stupid actions. Coach Williams has stood up for me on numerous occasions and it causes me great turmoil to let him down in this way. He gave me an opportunity to finish my degree this semester and I have successfully achieved that goal, which was a lifelong dream for my family and me. Unfortunately, I have no urge to celebrate that accomplishment because of the situation I brought upon myself. I understand my actions were wrong and I take full and complete responsibility for them and am extremely remorseful for that. I plan on continuing to pursue my career as a professional basketball player and again wish to send my most sincere apologies to Coach Williams, the Carolina family and my family, as well.

Forever a Tar Heel,
Will Graves

UPDATE: WRAL, in their report on the incident, is calling it a citation rather than an arrest. Given the limited amount of marijuana reported that would make more sense. According to WRAL, It appears a utility meter reader thought the has was vacant, saw someone there and notified the police. The police showed up, asked to search the home and Graves, for reasons that pass all understanding, consented.

Original story begins here. a house he was renting from Roy Williams.

UNC basketball has officially crossed into the "you can't make this crap up" territory.


Former UNC basketball player Will Graves is facing drug charges in Chapel Hill after an arrest at a property owned by UNC basketball coach Roy Williams.

According to an arrest report, Graves was charged with one count of possession of marijuana and one count of drug paraphernalia.

Police say Graves consented to a search of the home on Pinehurst Drive on Dec.6.  Officers found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the home including marijuana "seeds," "three blunts," and "two burnt blunts," according to the police report.

A UNC spokesperson says Will Graves was finishing his degree at UNC and working as a part-time video coordinator for the basketball team this semester.

UNC says Coach Williams rented the house to Graves, and Graves paid for it.  

Roy Williams is aware of the arrest and is "disappointed about it", according to UNC.  Graves has been in trouble before, being kicked off the team in 2010 for violating team rules.

Since recreational marijuana use barely raises an eyebrow any more the real story here is Graves renting a home owned by Roy Williams. Clearly, Carolina Family loyalty knows no bounds since this is the sort of thing that got Graves kicked off the 2010-11 team in the first place. Clearly, Williams wanted to give Graves, who is back at UNC and doing some part time work with the basketball team, another chance. I am guessing this would be his last one.

Much like P.J. Hairston's arrest, the issue is never the minor drug charge but the other details. This is not to say Williams has done anything wrong owning a house and renting it to a former player. However, this will just fuel the insanity of the ABC crowd, particularly at Pack Pride, who is undoubtedly working feverishly to connect this house to some other forms of illegal activity or something.

After all, it's not like these people actually have a decent team they can cheer for.

Note: Changed "drug" to "marijuana" in the second paragraph.