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Roy Williams & Player Quotes and Audio: Davidson

Grant Halverson

Roy Williams Audio

"I would like to congratulate Davidson. I thought they did some really great things. Brian Sullivan was a load for us. Jordan Barham I think was a load for us. Steve [Kirschner] and I were talking coming in here, halfway trhough the second half Marcus [Paige] and Brice [Johnson] hadn't scored. Those are two of our three leading scorers, so we played about the way I feel. I feel like a train ran over me and then backed up and got me a second time, but it's what it is. [I'm] proud of our team's toughness. We went to the free throw line and we made some free throws down the stretch. We shot them better udner pressure than we did even earlier in the game. We went to a press two or three possessions and it got us some turnovers when it was a five or six point game. [It] got us back in it. I'm just trying things, guys. It was a hard game. Just congratulate Davidson for doing such a good job against us.

Transcript provided by UNC

Marcus Paige Audio

J.P. Tokoto Audio

Nate Britt Audio