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Roy Williams & Player Quotes/Audio: Northern Kentucky

Grant Halverson

Roy Williams Audio

Opening Statement

"The biggest part of the game is we were not very sharp to say the least. I probably gave them too much time at Christmas. We played Saturday, let them go and didn't bring them back until seven o'clock last night. We were not sharp to say the least. That was a huge part of the game but at the same time I didn't think we had the intensity and concentration level that we needed to have. You added both of those together I think we weren't very sharp, makes you miss easy shots, throwing the ball--who knows. A couple of times we were passing it to each other instead of shooting it and all of sudden it goes out of bounds. I was not pleased defensively or on the backboards or in attacking the basket. We had a tremendous size advantage and one of our goals was to attack the basket. We didn't get a single low post up or taking the ball to the basket the entire first half. So I was pretty frustrated at that. Put in those five guys at the start of the second half and I thought they gave us a tremendous lift defensively, did some really good things for us. That sort of turned it around. You've got to congratulate Northern Kentucky. They came in and didn' care if it was North Carolina or where it was. [They] did some nice things and were much more aggressive than we were especially in the first half."

On whether or not P.J. Hairston would be on the bench again this season

"Guys, I am trying to coach the guys you have. I have no idea. He's not on our team. I love him to death but he's not on our team. I love him."

Isaiah Hicks Audio

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