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Yeah, Roy Wasn't Happy After the UAB Loss

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

If you had a question as to whether Roy Williams was as upset with the performance of his team on Sunday as fans seemingly were, the answer is yes.

Via Inside Carolina the quotes from Williams' always(well after a loss anyway) entertaining radio show on Monday night.

"They outplayed us. That’s the bottom line. They wanted it more. They hustled more. They did the things that you have to do. They had more intensity and that’s aggravating to a coach. I’ve always felt like that I should coach execution. I shouldn’t have to coach effort. I tell every prospect, I go in there home and I say I will never try to embarrass you except for two things. If you do not hustle I would like to hold up a sign that says, ‘You’re not hustling’ and try to get the cameraman’s attention.


"It’s my fault. I’ve got to get them to play harder. You know me, I’m straightforward. I’m not telling you anything I didn’t tell them in the locker room. Coach (Steve) Robinson and I figured out about three games in 26 years that I’ve ever said negative things to my team in the locker room. I mean Belmont I took the blame and I had no problem with that. I was on their case in the locker room yesterday. I was on their case at practice today. I’m going to be on their case tomorrow. I’m going to be on their case Wednesday. "

They hate it because we don’t play until Wednesday night at nine o’clock so we had this pretty itinerary to wake up at 11 o’clock and breakfast at 11:30 and shoot around at one. I changed it. We’re having a film session at nine a.m. Wednesday morning and that’s just the start. I’m going to be one of the meanest blank blanks in the valley the next 48 hours."

According to Daily Tar Heel sports editor Brooke Pryor the loss "fired up" normally reserved and generally positive assistant coach Hubert Davis. That sort of thing could have an impact, especially coming from someone who doesn't normally take that kind of approach with the players.

If you have been around for the full length of Roy Williams' tenure, you know these games happen and Williams usually reacts this way. For the most part the players are afforded the opportunity to show they can play like he expects them to and when they don't he drops the hammer.  The history of Williams getting after his team with a difficult practice or long film session happens every season, even when the team is a Final Four contender(see the loss to FSU in 2012.) In fact, it almost feels like the game Wednesday is a secondary concern to getting the players on the same page in terms of effort and potential.

Outside of the effort and intensity issues, Williams did address the issues of Brice Johnson playing better defense saying he needs to improve that aspect, without fouling, so he can be on the court more. Williams also acknowledged Marcus Paige needs more help and better looks in the offense. Then there is the question of what to do about James Michael McAdoo's lack of production. Williams says he has been meeting with McAdoo and also Isaiah Hicks about simplifying things to make them playing the three spot easier. Both are having trouble at the position and part of that stems from the three being the same as the two except on the opposite side of the floor. Williams says McAdoo is trying to "do too much" which probably refers to taking long jumpers which have missed badly. If I had to guess what "simplifying things" means it likely refers to the three spot being less of a wing position and more of an interior position to take advantage of McAdoo's size versus theoretically smaller opposing wing forwards.

Even then, UNC's biggest issue is spacing or the lack thereof because there are no three point shooters outside of Marcus Paige. With the defense packing it in behind the arc, daring Nate Britt, Luke Davis and J.P. Tokoto to shoot and knowing full well McAdoo is ineffective out there, the normal course of the UNC halfcourt offense will be significantly hampered. Still, it sounds like there isn't a lack of effort on the part of the head coach to try and figure out different things to get the offense working more efficiently. Whether the roster can actually execute it is a different topic of discussion.