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Preview: North Carolina vs UNC Greensboro

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina vs UNC Greensboro, 7:00 PM, ESPNU

As much as how a team responds to a loss is important, this might be one of those cases where how this UNC team reacts to a big win over the #1 team in the country is just as pertinent. After all, when a team has shown a penchant for playing to the level of the competition, even games against bad teams could be a concern.Not that the Tar Heels are going to lose at home to a lowly ranked UNCG team but the quality of that play is certainly in question.

Obviously with a young team that was never meant to be constructed this way, inconsistency is going to be the rule rather than the exception. The effort, however, should be less volatile with the caveat being these are still college players. Coming off a big win. it is expected UNC could be a little flat. Against a team like UNCG it probably won't matter much, not like it would against better teams. There are still lessons to be learned here for this young team and refocusing on the next game on the schedule is certainly one of them making this a teachable moment.

And with due respect to my alma mater, the Tar Heels could use a blowout win. A real blowout, never in doubt, kind of win. Marcus Paige is averaging over 35 mpg which is really high for any college player and even more so for a UNC player in an up-tempo system. The best result for the Tar Heels here is a game that permits Paige to get some rest so something along the lines of UNC being up by 30 or so midway through the second half would be ideal in making sure the Tar Heels' best player is getting run ragged in games UNC should win easily.

UNC 101 UNCG 72