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Roy Williams & Player Quotes and Audio

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Williams Audio

Opening statement

"Well it's a W. First half we were very active defensively, about as active as we've been at any time this year. I like that part of the last 8:22 they didn't score in the first half. And that was really the basketball game. Steve [Krischner] said it was a 25-1 run or something like that. I didn't like the way we started the second half but we are trying to get better every day and see if we can do some things. You look down there and see that Marcus [Paige] didn't score in the entire second half but he had eight assists and one turnover."


"For us to score 21 turnovers, it's the most we've forced this year. Five guys in double figures....all in all it's a W and think we did improve and we did get better. That's our goal right now."

On how worried he was about coming off a big win

"I was worried some. Because you know we had a big win vs Louisville but we don't play nearly as well with the activity, in the next game. That's basically what we talked about was creating intensity. I didn't talk about winning or scoring or anything. I just talked about having better concentration and more intensity and I think we did that in first half."

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