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Bring Me the Head of the Duke Blue Devil

What a time to lose one's head.
What a time to lose one's head.
Streeter Lecka

Carolina students woke up this morning to find the head of the Blue Devil mascot on the roof of Student Stores, mounted on a pike.

The pike, in this instance, was a cheap floor lamp with the shade and bulb removed, but the effect was pretty nice. It came to light later in the day that someone and tweeted around to a few local news outlets that an "alltime rivalry prank" was forthcoming. That same person later posted a late-night picture of the head in front of the Dean Dome. His account was subsequently suspended, and I won't make further trouble by embedding one of the retweets here.

Student Stores management took the head down from its place of shame and left it around their offices for most of the day, not realizing that it was legitimate and the property of the private university down the road. Eventually Duke realized their head was missing, tracked it down over the interwebs, and asked for it back. All of this, of course, lead to the Daily Tar Heel doing journalism proud and putting out the greatest headline ever:

And there you have it. This folks, is how rivalries are done.