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UNC Not Ready to Concede Our State

As the ACC football schedule is announced, Carolina takes a dig at the rival school 25 miles to the east.

Shortly after the 2013 ACC football schedule was released, the official UNC Football Twitter account tweeted out the 2013 schedule graphic below:


Notice anything about the away games over on the right?

Each away game features the opponent's logo in the state in which they are located - Pitt in Pennsylvania, Virginia Tech in Virginia, SCAR in South Carolina, and Georgia Tech in Georgia. The exception, of course, is North Carolina, which prominently features the interlocking "NC" and not the block "S" of NC State. This is obviously a pointed jab at the Wolfpack, who launched a "this is our state" campaign last year.

Clearly, the Tar Heels are not ready to concede the state yet, and breaking a five-year losing streak certainly doesn't hurt. Poking the bear (or in this case our lupine brethren) is part of what makes a rivalry fun.

Oh, and if for next year's State game, instead of the chrome helmets with the Tar Heel, the team comes out with an outline of the state with the "NC" in it like on that graphic, it would be absolutely wicked.