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UNC in the NCAA Tournament by the Numbers

Some known and obscure stats about the Tar Heels in the NCAA Tournament.


NCAA Appearances: 44

NCAA Appearances in at-large era(1975-present) 36

Final Fours: 18

Championships: 5

NCAA Tournament Record: 108-41(.725)

NCAA Tournament Record in Roy Williams Era: 26-6

Record as #8 seed: 6-2

Record vs #9 seed: 9-2 overall, 2-0 as a #8

Record vs #1 seed: 7-3 overall, 2-0 as a #8

NCAA Record vs Villanova: 4-1

NCAA Record vs Villanova under Roy Williams: 2-0

NCAA Record vs Kansas: 2-3

NCAA Record vs Kansas under Roy Williams: 0-2

Record in Kansas City: 2-0(1957 Final Four)

Best record vs a seed: 11-0 vs #16

Worst records vs a seed: 5-6 vs #2

Record in the opening game: 36-7

Record in opening game under Roy Williams: 8-0

For the optimistic that 2-0 vs #1 and #9 seeds as a #8 is looking pretty good as is the 2-0 in Kansas City even if it was 53 years ago.