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NCAA Tournament Saturday Open Thread

Ed Zurga

The schedule. All times are EDT and can be seen on the networks listed below or online here.

South: #4 Michigan vs #5 VCU, 12:15 PM, CBS

Midwest: #3 Michigan St. vs #6 Memphis, 2:45 PM, CBS

Midwest: #1 Louisville vs #8 Colorado St., 5:15 PM, CBS

West: #6 Arizona vs #14 Harvard, 6:10 PM, TNT

Midwest: #4 St. Louis vs #12 Oregon, 7:10 PM, TBS

East: #3 Marquette vs #6 Butler, 7:45 PM, CBS

West: #1 Gonzaga vs #9 Wichita St., 8:40 PM, TNT

East: #4 Syracuse vs #12 California, 9:40 PM, TBS

Only three upsets on Thursday(Wichita St. doesn't count) means there is a little more chalk to Saturday's match-ups. In fact one of the upsets was Oregon who was woefully underseeded and California beating UNLV hardly curls the toes. Harvard on the other hand was a major upset and now comes the test of coming down from that high to play in the next round. Arizona is not scary by any means so a Harvard win there wouldn't be shocking.

Should UNC get by Kansas on Sunday, they would played the winner of the day's first game between Michigan and VCU.