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NCAA Tournament Sunday Open Thread

Streeter Lecka

The schedule. All times are EDT and can be seen on the networks listed below or online here.

West: #2 Ohio St. vs #10 Iowa St., 12:15 PM, CBS

East: #1 Indiana vs #9 Temple, 2:45 PM, CBS

South: #1 Kansas vs #8 North Carolina, 5:15 PM, CBS

South: #3 Florida vs #11 Minnesota, 6:10 PM, TNT

South: #7 San Diego St. vs #15 Florida Gulf Coast, 7:10 PM, 7:10 PM, TBS

West: #12 Mississippi vs #13 La Salle, 7:40 PM, TruTV

East: #2 Miami vs #7 Illinois, 8:40 PM, TNT

Midwest: #2 Duke vs #7 Creighton, 9:40 PM, TBS

Besides UNC-Kansas which will draw most of our attention, Miami and Duke will play today. The Blue Devils get Creighton which will be interesting on a variety of levels including seeing whether the Blue Jays get physical with Duke the way they did UNC last season and if the referees allow it to happen(as they did a year ago.) Miami gets its first real test of the tournament and Florida Gulf Coast will attempt to become the first #15 seed to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.